Sentinel: Bravo Bear

The Agency Book 1

Sentinel: Bravo Bear, The Agency, Book 1 By Amelia Jade deserves 5 stars and a WOW.

Bear shifter Connor "Bravo" Lavine and half-blood Madison "Maddy" Rychel are the two main characters of the story. Read to find out how Maddy will make major changes to the Underground.

Beware! The Agency has some new advances against shifters. Will the mole be eliminated before more lives are lost?

I finished reading “Sentinel: Bravo Bear” by Amelia Jade with tears of happiness. She did another amazing job writing this story. I found it to be a fun and exciting read and I was truly caught up in the original storyline. Readers get a romance with action, suspense and drama. The story was great and the characters' dialogues enhanced the story and the setting was realistic. I could imagine Maddy taking the serum to save Connor's life. The chemistry between Connor and Madison was intense and hot.

I finished the story quickly. I liked how all the characters and storylines fit together in a nicely woven tale. I always enjoy reading books from this author. The stories never get dull. The next book “Blackblood Bear” (A Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance) (The Agency Book 2) is already out.

I highly recommend “Sentinel: Bravo Bear”, The Agency, Book 1 By Amelia Jade.

I love the book cover! Connor is scrumptious.

Book Blurb for Sentinel: Bravo Bear

It was supposed to be the standard mission. Evacuate the target from the city. Quick. Easy. Uncomplicated. Of course, life never quite works out like that...

Bear shifter Connor "Bravo"Lavine knew that it was different the moment he saw her. She wasn't supposed to be there. His intelligence report had said there was only one to rescue. But with the mysterious Agency closing in, he knew he couldn't leave her to be killed simply for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. As a Sentinel, a guardian sent to help protect King City, he couldn't let that happen, even if it meant breaking the rules...

Madison Rychel is a half-blood. Born of a shifter and a human coupling, she possesses the blood of a shifter, but no powers.This combination has left her unable to live among shifters, and constantly feeling out of place with humans. With no friends and only her father as company, everything changes when a masked man with blue eyes shows up at her door and drags her into a world of death, danger, and betrayal.

Madison finds herself feeling vibrant and alive for the first time, especially with the big sexy Sentinel at her side.She can't get him off her mind, even as the pair race to get her to safety.When a mole in their group exposes both Connor and Madison, she finds herself alone, cut off from the man she cares for.

But Madison isn't as helpless as she seems,and her bond with Connor is stronger than either of them know. Betrayed and alone, the pair must fight for their survival, and for each other.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2016 5.00