Sassy Ever After: Dragon Sass

Kindle Worlds Novella

I found “Dragon Sass” to be amazing, and it gets 5 stars!

“Dragon Sass” captured my attention from the start. I was not disappointed by the unique storyline. I want more books like this. I couldn't resist a story about a lonely dragon shifter that couldn't shift.

Dragon shifter Kai has plans for Jules. Is she everything he has been searching for, a fireborne mate?

Jule's inner strength was put to the test when an old enemy resurfaces. She needs to remain strong to face her uncertain future. She desperately needs to dig deep and put her skills to the test. Will Kai and Julianna "Jules" be able to face and overcome the enemy?

I loved the book! Be ready for an adventurous story. Readers expect to be amazed with romance, action, suspense and drama. The steamy scenes, sexual tension, and the chemistry between Kai and Julianna was hot. The story was well-written and characters' dialogues immerse the reader in a good escape read. The setting was realistic. The story had everything you could possibly want. I highly recommend Selena Kitt and this book. “Dragon Sass” gets 5 stars from me.

Book Blurb for Sassy Ever After: Dragon Sass

Blue Creek needs a dragon. There’s only one problem—they don’t exist anymore. Or do they?

Kai is just trying to live the quiet life of a billionaire recluse. He might still like spicy food and spicy women, but he sacrificed his dragon’s heart over a thousand years ago and hasn’t been able to shift since.

But Kai’s old nemesis, Nigel, has come back—from the dead—and the old Necromancer has his sights set on the wolf shifters. Nigel is wreaking havoc all over Blue Creek and, unfortunately, the only thing that can kill him is dragon fire.

It’s feisty, orphaned horsewoman Jules, whose therapeutic ranch is in serious financial trouble, who holds the dragon’s heart—and she doesn’t even know it.

But renowned shifter-matchmaker Barb Wolfe knows—and this is the most important match she’ll ever make. The whole town, and maybe the entire shifter race, depend on it.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2016 5.00