True Mates Book 4

I’m a huge fan of this series! Not a one has been cookie-cutter.

In this latest installment we have Jason, a lone coyote shifter, and Macey Colstone, lieutenant of the Colstone Pack. She is a wolf shifter. Jason is needed by a different pack. Their relationship started rocky do to mistrust of both their separate species. What will she do with this amazingly sexy male? Will he divulge secrets of his ex-pack, The Sunclaw Pack?

Beware! Danger lurks for the wolf pack. Enemies are making dangerous plans.

Redeemed has all you can expect from a great story written by Olivia Arran. Readers get an author who is a master at her craft and a story that sinks its claws into them. The suspense will have you on the edge of your seat.

The sexual tension and chemistry between Jason and Macey was to die for. Hot! The story was just great.

Jump into this series and this book. I could imagine watching Jason and Macey realizing what their connection really means to them.

Book Blurb for Redeemed

Every inch of him calls to me, thrilling me…

All wolf shifter Macey Colstone needs to do is find a certain coyote shifter who’s hiding from his past and deliver him back to the pack. As a lieutenant in the Colstone Pack she’s able to take care of herself—she doesn’t need a smoldering hot, white-haired, ice-god of a coyote getting all territorial. Especially when she doesn't know him. And certainly can’t trust him...even though he makes her wolf sit up and howl with need.

To be with her, I have to accept who I really am…

Coyote shifter Jason Sunclaw has spent the last twenty years living as a human. He believes he’s truly happy. He has a successful career, a decent apartment, and money in the bank. He definitely doesn’t need a she-wolf crashing into his life and turning everything upside down, reminding him of the animal side he keeps hidden from the world. But her scent changes everything. He knows straight away, without a doubt, that she is the one for him. And he’d do anything to claim her.

But the path ahead is twisted with lies and deceit—can Macey and Jason work together to discover the real truth…and what will it cost them if they do?

**This book comes complete with a Happy Ever After**

It is recommended that you read this series in order, starting with the short prequel Found: True Mates Book 0.5 then Promised: True Mates Book 1.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 5.00