Out of this World

Capridocian Princess Corripraxis "Corri" is in for a big surprise. She definitely not prepared for Earth. Read this awesome story to find out how she fares with her first encounter with Earth beings.

Human male, Mattias Cadiz’s life changes drastically from his encounter with Corri. How will he react when he finds out her secrets? Will the truth be too hard to bare?

Danger has come from across the stars. Will Earth be prepared?

Patricia Eimer writes a fun tale with a sci-fi twist. I got caught up in the interesting, original storyline with romance, space aliens and human interaction. Plus you get drama and lots of action. I was not disappointed about the way it flowed. The characters come alive in this vivid story. I enjoyed the humorous dialogue.

I give “Out of this World” by Patricia Eimer 4 stars and deem it a don’t miss out title.

Book Blurb for Out of this World

Engaged to a murderous, intergalactic warlord, Capridocian Princess Corripraxis is running for her life and crash lands on Earth, where large creatures moo at her, threatening to expose her as an alien. If she can just get some help—in the form of the very attractive Earth male who just pulled up in a tow truck—she can hunker down in the Martian colony until she figures out her next move, right?

One hunky Marine. One sexy alien. One deranged intergalactic warlord. What could go wrong?

At the scene of an accident, a sexy woman asks ex-Marine Mattias Cadiz to take her to Roswell NM. He really should be getting on with living a nice, sane—quiet—life, because the very pretty Corri is probably on her way to the annual Convention with the other alien-crazy wackos. Still, no way he can refuse such a gorgeous, if confused, violet-eyed beauty.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 4.00