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The Order of the Wolf, #5

Mayhem is awesome! I got caught up in the well plotted out storyline. The story dialogues were dynamic. The details captured my attention. Readers are in for amazing chemistry, sexual tension, danger, action, suspense and spicy scenes between Mayhem and Hannah.

Who would you choose if you were torn between your Hunter (male wolf-slayer, true match to Huntress) and your possible werewolf mate? Hannah’s (Huntress, rock magazine editor) life is in chaos and feels it must be all a very bad dream. Will she come to grips with reality in time?

Mayhem (pack alpha werewolf, rock star, bad boy) has found his true mate in Hannah. She just doesn't know his true intentions and fears abandonment. Things spiral out of their control? Will he be able to claim her before Allan, Hunter does?

Mayhem, The Order of the Wolf, Book 5 by Angela Addams rocks!

I give this book 5 stars and a Top Pick!

You'll just have to read the novel to get to the HEA. I highly recommend author Angela Addams. She's done it again! Another phenomenal read!

Book Blurb for Mayhem

He will rock her world…once he shows her how he really howls.

The Order of the Wolf, Book 5

By night, Mayhem howls out monster rock hits to roaring crowds, and lives the rock ’n’ roll dream. But lately he wants more than empty sex marathons with lusting fangirls. When he spies a beautiful redhead at his latest album launch party, his wolf howls only for her.

He can taste her sweetness and innocence hovering just beyond his grasp, but it’ll be a delicate task showing her the side of his life no one ever sees. When the sun rises, and his wolf form takes over.

Fledgling rock magazine editor Hannah knows the minute she lays eyes on Mayhem that she won’t fit into his world. But that doesn’t mean she can’t fantasize that she’s the only woman wrapped around his smoking-hot body.

One kiss—one perfect kiss—and Mayhem is ready to seal the deal of and for a lifetime. But before he can properly introduce Hannah to both halves of himself, she is gone without a trace. And the rapidly cooling trail smells distinctly of Hunter…

Warning: Contains a pack alpha/rock star with an attitude. He’s HOT. As in whole-lot-of-trouble hot. Set-your-panties-on-fiyah hot. Make-you-want-to-climb-into-this-book hot. Sensitive readers be warned, once he zeroes in on his mate, he’s not above breaking a few rules to get what he wants.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 5.00