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Dragon Mates Book 1

Sexy dragon-shifter Sebastian Bernal currently has problems that even his extreme wealth can't fix. Only time will tell but Sebastian's time is running out. Will he find the rest of his ancestral dragon hoard before time runs out? What possible complications lie in wait? The clock is ticking.

Will Lacey Whitman be his last chance at redemption? Will she need more than her love to change this jaded dragon shifter's heart? They need more than reckless desire to make things work out. Oh, to be caught up in their flames. Will he tell her his secrets or cast her out?

Read the story and discover why Dazzled rocks. Sometimes in order to appreciate life you have to experience suffering. Will love of a lifetime and redemption be found? Will they find their HEA?

This paranormal tale is a spicy and fun read. The story was well-plotted out, superb and extremely entertaining. J.K. Harper writes consistent entertaining stories that are original. I look forward to reading more decadent books from her and from this series. Readers will be amazed and fall in love with Sebastian and Lacey. This is a great summer read! Dazzled: Reckless Desires (Dragon Mates Book 1) by J.K. Harper gets 5 stars!

Readers expect to be amazed by the romance, action, suspense and drama.

Book Blurb for Dazzled

She is the key to his treasure--but only if she can unlock his heart in time

Cynical yet sexy dragonshifter Sebastian Bernal rules a modern empire of riches. Cruellybetrayed once by a woman, he no longer believes in love. His onlytrue passion is to find his ancestors' stolen treasures-goldenobjects filled with the essence of his own power. Without them, hewill die. And time is running out.

Smart, practical LaceyWhitman is consumed by her demanding yet beloved job. She has no timefor men. Except the one man whose smoky eyes and electrifyingpresence caress her dreams at night, tempt her senses by day. ButSebastian Bernal and his dark secrets will only cause inevitableheartbreak...or worse.

Yet as Lacey'sundeniable allure melts Sebastian's defenses, everything threatensto tip out of his control. She is his mate-and she's about todisrupt not only his bitter oath to recover his family's legaciesby whatever means necessary, but his shattered heart and fading soul.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2016 5.00