Countess of Scandal

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Countess of Scandal

Daughters of Erin, #1

William Denton had won a place in Irish beauty Eliza Blacknall's heart, but when he dons the uniform of an English soldier, Eliza knows that William and her can never have a future. Years later, when William returns with his regiment to help protect England's hold on Ireland, Eliza is no longer the naive young girl who had sat in the moonlight with him. Now an active participant in the Irish fight for freedom, Eliza and William are on opposite sides. But their hearts refuse to listen. Pulled together time after time, the two quickly realize that they are forever linked, but can their divided loyalites be overcome so Eliza and William can have a future together? When the rebellion starts, William and Eliza soon find themselves in a race to save themselves and Eliza's family. At what cost will the fight for freedom cost them all?

Countess of Scandal is the first entry in Laurel McKee's new series The Daughters of Erin. While at times predictable and trite, it is still an enjoyable and fun read, combining a time in Irish history with passion and romance. I am looking forward to the next entry in the series.

Book Blurb for Countess of Scandal

As children, Eliza Blacknall and William Denton ran wild over the fields of southern Ireland and swore they would be friends forever. Then fate took Will away to England, while Eliza stayed behind to become a proper Irish countess.

Years later, Will finally makes his way home-as an English soldier sent to crush the Irish uprising. When he spies the lovely Eliza, he is captivated by the passionate woman she has become. But Eliza's passions have led her to join the Irish rebel cause, and Will and Eliza now find themselves on opposite sides of a dangerous conflict.

When Ireland explodes in bloody rebellion, Will's regiment is ordered to the front lines, and he is forced to choose between his duty to the English king and his love for Eliza and their Irish homeland.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.00