Loving Arms

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Loving Arms

Jessica Miller comes back home to Paradise, Texas to find little has changed. Even the crush she had on Alex Gray hasn't changed. Alex comes back expecting to work on a small job then go back to L.A. when he's done. But running into Jessica, his best friend from high school, in the diner she used to work in and is currently employed at, his first night in town is unexpected. Will Jessica get Alex to see her as more than a friend? Can the friends become lovers without ruining their friendship?

Loving Arms by Lexie Davis is a steamy, sexy short story about unrequited love. Despite the small word count, Ms. Davis takes readers on a wonderful, passionate romantic story which not only provides necessary background info but shows the budding relationship. Loving Arms was a sexy, satisfying read which I would recommend to anyone looking for not only a romance but a love story...

Book Blurb for Loving Arms

Fleeing New York City after being humiliated by her ex-boyfriend, Jessica Miller returns to her small hometown in Paradise, Texas to start over again-literally. Everything is the same, right down to still lusting after her high school crush-the boy who went away never knowing how she felt.

Alex Gray, a prestigious advertising agent in L.A., only came back to Paradise on business. He didn't expect to see Jessica, nor did he expect to feel an attraction to his best friend from high school. She ignites his passion like no other woman, while at the same time compels him to care for and protect her.

She knows once they cross the friendship line, there's no going back. Will Alex be worth risking her heart for? Or will she cower and let him slip through her grasp yet again?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.00