Werewolves in London

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Werewolves in London

I had no idea that there was a London in Wyoming. So though I started this book by being a bit disappointed that it wasn't set in London, England I couldn't complain with a plot that involves werewolves and cowboys. I was quickly drawn into the story.

I wish this book had been longer, as I wanted more details and develpment of the main characters. I thought the romance was rushed as a result. Werewolf Vonda is in heat and is particularly inclined to drag hunky rancher Tom off to the nearest horizontal surface. I did think that as a reader, the emotions that Vonda went through as a result of being in heat needed to be explored in depth, otherwise her attraction to Tom would have just seemed to be convenience. While the attempt at a subplot was interesting, this also had dynamics that needed exploring, and I dislike having too many coincidences occur in a novel.

I loved that Tom was a single parent, and this side of him nicely showcased his softer side and more but not enough of his personality.

This is quietly enjoyable novella and different from the usual shifter romances.

Book Blurb for Werewolves in London

Werewolf Vonda Diaz has sworn off men, until she meets sexy rancher, Tom McGowan. Try as she might there is something about him she can’t ignore. Determined to keep their relationship professional she finds herself unable to keep her distance.

Since his wife died, Tom has no interest in dating, but one look at Vonda and passion ignites. There is something different about her that draws him in. What he can’t understand is why his dog finds her so fascinating.

When Tom’s daughter is kidnapped, the two join forces to save her, not realizing the quest will unlock hidden mysteries. Will their budding love survive the secrets they discover or will those secrets tear them apart? Page Count: 77

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.50