The Spaniard's Kiss

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The Spaniard's Kiss

The Spaniard’s baby is a romance that gives us two people who want opposing things. Bella the widow of Rafe’s former best friend wants a baby. Rafe wants Bella, but knowing that being with Bella, means commitment and babies is a deal breaker.

As a reader I did get impatient with Rafe’s blowing hot and cold. Once the reasons behind his behaviour were revealed I felt less antagonistic towards him.

There was some nice interplay and banter between the two main characters and Bella is not a passive or weak character. I like how she kept Rafe on his toes as he is one of those classically perfect, controlled ultra-masculine males, but Ms. Croft took care to show the reader his vulnerability. I enjoyed this romance and have read several others of Ms Croft’s books because of this.

Book Blurb for The Spaniard's Kiss

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One moment

will change their friendship forever...

Widow Isobel Sinclair knows it's time to move on, and she believes the next chapter in her life involves a baby. All she needs is a man to help her with the finer details. Unfortunately, right now the only man in her life is her husband's best friend, Rafael Sanchez. And an incredibly wealthy, super-hot player is not exactly family material.

That's okay since she wants a baby sans the husband part.

Billionaire playboy Rafael has carefully hidden his longing for Isobel over the years. He's wanted her from the moment they met. When desire sparks between them, Rafael faces a choice beyond imagining: give Isobel what she wants...or lose her forever. He has a good reason why a child can't be in his future, but telling Isobel the truth could destroy everything.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.00