Come to Me Recklessly

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Come to Me Recklessly

The Closer to You Series, #3

I loved the first two books in this series, and I was crazy eager to get my hands on this one. It's easily a stand alone novel, reading the first two just gives you a deeper insight into Christiphers world.

This book was written with such a delicate hand and fine art. The author seamlessly blends Christopher and Samatha's past into their current story in the present. With just enough of a peek into who they were, it gives the reader an emotional stake in their future.

Samatha is living with her boyfriend and unsure if she is really happy. Christopher is flocking from woman to woman and is still letting his frustrations and anger guide him. When he meets Samantha again after years, he is unforgivably rude and demeaning to her. What follows is two souls that used to know each other trying to find a middle ground without anger or confusion.

I am being cryptic so that I don't give anything away. This book is one of my top picks. So stop reading this review and go read this book! I know you will love it.

Book Blurb for Come to Me Recklessly

From the New York Times bestselling author of Come to Me Softly, another irresistible new adult romance in the Closer to You Series.

His heart was turned off?

Until she turned him on?.

Christopher Moore gave up on the idea of love years ago. Now, his life is an endless string of parties and an even longer string of girls. Enjoying the physical perks with none of the emotional mess, he’s convinced everyone that he’s satisfied?everyone but himself.

Samantha Schultz has moved on with her life. Finishing her student teaching and living with her boyfriend, she’s deluded herself into believing she’s content. But there is one boy she never forgot?her first love?and she keeps the memory of him locked up tight. She will never allow any man to break her the way Christopher did.

When Christopher’s sister and her family move into a new neighborhood, Christopher is completely unprepared to find Samantha living at the end of the street. Memories and unspent desires put them on collision course of sex, lies, and lust. But when guilt and fear send Samantha running, Christopher will have to fight for what has always been his.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 5.00