Valentine Shepherd, #1

Vengeance is about Valentine Shepherd, a private investigator who wants to avenge her fiancé, who died while trying to exonerate his client, a gorgeous billionaire that goes by the name of Max Carressa, who is suspected of murdering his father. With the help of Max, Valentine goes on a hunt for her fiancé’s killer and as they start getting answers they stumble upon a conspiracy that could very well kill them both.

This book blew me away! I was literally hooked from page one until I finished it eight hours later. I skipped my night class to finish this because I had to know what happened next. Everything about this book was fantastic. The characters, the writing, the plot, and the best part was the plot twists! It’s so hard for a book to really shock me, and this one did. I totally wasn’t expecting what the author threw at me.

Valentine, the main character, is ex-military and a total bad-ass, who takes shit from no one and was determined to get to the truth no matter the cost. Not only does she have a tough exterior, but she has a gooey soft side as well. A good balance. I admired her toughness, but related to her soft side.

Max, her love interest, was a total hottie! He’s like your dream guy times ten. He’s gorgeous, has a sexy body, very intelligent, sweet yet tough with a witty attitude. And as the book progresses, we see that he’s damaged—suffering because of his past and self-loathing because of his harsh upbringing, but we also see that he has a beautiful soul. All his flaws just made him even more gorgeous.

I do have to issue a warning about this book. It’s filled with heavy sexual content, with lots of sex scenes.

Overall, I will definitely be picking up the second book in the series, and will add this series to my favorite list.

Book Blurb for Vengeance

Not every Valentine is a saint . . . Corruption. Greed. Illicit sex. Murder. Private investigator Valentine Shepherd thinks she's seen it all, and her strange ability to glimpse the future gives her an edge no one else in the world has. But when her fiancé is killed trying to exonerate his client, billionaire Max Carressa, Val makes it her personal mission to bring the people responsible to justice, no matter the cost. Convinced the two men are linked by more than attorney-client privilege, she enlists Max's help in her investigation and gets more than she bargained for. On the run, Val and Max must uncover who wants them dead and why. The answer leads them to a conspiracy that has Val herself at its center. She doesn't understand how or why, but time is running out to expose the truth and escape the danger she knows is coming . . .

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 5.00