One Wish

One Wish is a very easy read and I went through it fast. The dynamic between John, Tessa and Susannah was interesting to say the least. I love the fact that John could share his imaginary friend with his daughter Tessa, it gave her something to think about and something they could have in common. His was Annia and hers is Cheyenne. I think it works out.

For some unknown reason to John, Susannah immediately catches his attention. Not only because she moved next door but because she’s building a house and not investing. The conversation between him and Susannah is so smooth you would think they were friends for years. John lost his wife to breast cancer but he has not been alone in raising Tessa, he still has his mother and the rest of the family.

I liked how Susannah and John were able to get along and depend on each other. Susannah may be herself but she does have people next door who will help out when and if she needs. I think it’s a very good support system. I loved how John is always looking out for Tessa as well as himself.

This new arrangement with Susannah could be the beginning of a good life for all of them.

Book Blurb for One Wish

After he loses his wife to breast cancer, John McConnell is content to put romance in the past and raise his young daughter Tessa—or at least convince himself of the dubious truth that he isn’t looking for a second chance for love.

Susannah is the ethereal, mysterious woman who buys the land next to John’s parents, determined to make her own way in the world. From the beginning, John falls for her, and takes joy from his young daughter’s fondness for the unusual girl-next-door. But are things really as they seem—and will believing in a second chance ultimately doom John’s attempts at becoming whole again?

A Blush® contemporary romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 3.50