Nora's Promise

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Nora's Promise

If you like the supernatural, ghosts, animals, history, pain, fear and anger then you will enjoy "Nora’s Promise". You will get points of view from Nora, Davey, Cruz and Steph. Each with a unique spin to the story. In all, there are really two stories going on but it does not take away from the plot. In fact I think it makes it better. The situation with Nora and Davey as well as the situation with Steph and Cruz. It flowed very well and I really enjoyed reading it.

When Davey finds out he has a son, his whole world changes. It’s not just about racing anymore, it's about being there for Ben and helping him have the best life he can. When his ideals and the way he lives clashes with what Nora thinks is suitable, he has to figure out which it more important; his life and job or his son. When Davey came into their lives it was not a fun first meeting and since then Nora has been iffy. With a little encouragement from his mother and other help she decides to give Davey a chance and see if they can really work together.

At the end of "Nora’s Promise" you get a review of AJ Ryan’s story---"The Perfect Lap"

Also by Sedona Hutton---Cloud Whispers

Book Blurb for Nora's Promise

She trusts animals more than men. He runs through women like tires. Will an orphaned child force them to change gears?

With her sister’s death, Nora’s life changed in an instant. Forced to raise her orphaned nephew, the animal rescuer doesn’t expect to be dumped and fired by her kid-hating boyfriend/boss. After her own close call and a message from beyond, Nora introduces the little boy to his handsome, fast-living absentee father.

Davey Johnson is a hot-shot NASCAR driver who never wanted to be slowed down by fatherhood. But when he finds out he has a nine-year-old son, he vows to be a better father than his old man. When his first efforts fail in a big way, he enlists Nora’s parenting help. But what starts as a chore transforms into something way hotter than a final lap.

When Davey’s sponsors clash with Nora’s vegan ways, he’s forced to choose between his passion for racing and his love of Nora. Will they be able to blend their lives or will their romance run right off the track?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2018 3.50