Hard Silence

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Hard Silence

Agents Undercover, #2

Abby has had a hard life and boy is it a head spinner. She’s survived on pure determination and silence and it has worked for her until now. Jeff thinks that Abby is great and he wants to get to know her but it’s hard. She’s keeping secrets and unknown to him it will help him bust the biggest case of his career. When the truth comes out, and you find out who the killer is, all will make since but you will also have a little more respect for Abby and the things she went though.

I enjoyed reading Hard Silence. The plot was clear and the characters were interesting people you could meet in everyday life. I really enjoyed seeing Abby open up a little more and really start living her life. This book really brings into mind that you truly don’t know a person even if they are standing right in front of you. Some people are really good at hiding the devil they really are and Mia did a great job drawing out who the killer was until the end.

Book Blurb for Hard Silence

FBI profiler Jeff Crandall returned to Fiddler, Idaho, to work on new Bureau protocols in peace…and because he hasn't been able to stop thinking about Abby Quinn. Kind, beautiful and quietly sexy, the petite rancher next door is loved by the entire town but keeps fiercely to herself. She's a mystery that doesn't want to be solved, though he's desperate to try.Whether that interest is professional or personal is a question he'll sort out later.Abby knows sharing her secrets would bring death and destruction to Fiddler. She survived her childhood, barely, but a long list of stepfathers weren't nearly so lucky: their bodies are buried across the country, waiting to be discovered. The best protection is silence, anonymity and isolation, though the handsome agent next door seems hell-bent on destroying all three.And he just keeps kissing her…When Jeff is called in to investigate an interstate serial killer case spanning two decades, Abby knows it's only a matter of time before he connects the dots, sees her for who she really is and walks away. But it's when he's standing in the crosshairs of Abby's past that Jeff faces his biggest challenge yet: how to give the woman he loves the life she doesn't believe she deserves.Book two of Agents UndercoverThis book is approximately 90,000 words

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 3.50