About Face

I loved this story and have wanted to read it for a while now.

Leigh is a detective for the Youth Division and is currently on leave / suspended because of a case she worked on. She didn’t really follow procedure and although the girl is OK Leigh’s captain can’t help or protect her unless she knows the whole story.

Macy is a forensic expert and artist who chose her job because her best friend disappeared when they went to the club as teenagers. Years later it comes to light that the friend was in witness protection because she not only saw a murder but was kidnapped.

Leigh and her captain worked the case when she first joined and it never sat well with her. So with permission from her captain Leigh reviews the case. During the time Macy and Leigh fall in love and not only that but deal with some very personal issues.

This book was just as awesome as I thought it would be. It was well worth the wait. The sex scenes were hot and melted off the page.

Leigh is trustworthy and does what she can to help the kids she works with. If your child goes missing or gets hurt, Leigh is the person you want on the case. Macy is an introvert and anti-social but in a cute way. When Leigh comes into her life she has no idea what to do and is consistently saying and doing things to screw up their budding relationship. You can tell she has a hard time trusting people and she likes things up front. I was very happy that she got her reunion with her thought dead best friend and her happy ending as well.

Book Blurb for About Face

Reclusive forensic artist Macy Sheridan agrees to work one final case she hopes will solve the mystery that’s haunted her for years. The only things blocking her from achieving her goal are a perfect facial reconstruction and Detective Leigh Monroe, a woman who reminds her of the past and challenges her future.

Leigh Monroe has lost her lover, her livelihood, and her home, but she chooses to look on the bright side. What else could go wrong? Then she meets rude, solitary Macy Sheridan. But Leigh discovers that Macy’s façade is a mask, yet as real and untouchable as the forensic reconstructions she so meticulously creates.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 5.00