A Dad for Charlie

Butterfly Harbor Stories

“A Dad for Charlie” was an easy read for me. I loved it and the characters, they were great. Fletcher is an honest guy who just tries to look out for the people he loves. Paige is like any mother concerned for her daughter Charlotte and trying to give her a good life. Charlotte is obsessed with caves, treasure, wishes coming true and determined to stay in Butterfly Harbor. It later gets her in trouble and Paige and Fletcher have to work together to make sure Charlotte comes home safe.

Like any child Charlotte can be stubborn and wants what she wants. Though she knows she’s not supposed to use their secret set of cards, she really wants to stay in town. She thinks it would help if her mother got involved with Fletcher. She’s so adorable but there were certain moments when I wanted to shake her. She was told not to do something and she did it anyway. It resulted in consequences she had no idea of.

I felt for Paige, when I learned her story and why she was hiding I really just wanted to punch people. I really enjoyed “A Dad for Charlie”. The plot was clear and the words flowed very well. I do recommend this book for anyone who loves a bit of mystery, adorable little girl's, treasure and a mom who's willing to do anything to protect her child.

At the end of this book you get a look into another interesting read called "The Sergeant's Temptation" by Sophia Sasson. It looks really good and I hope I get the chance to read it.

Book Blurb for A Dad for Charlie

Doesn't she know she can trust him with anything?

To Butterfly Harbor deputy sheriff Fletcher Bradley, Paige Cooper is a mystery he's dying to solve. Ever since the single mother and her equally irresistible young daughter showed up, life in his California town has changed for the better. Fletch isn't sure what Paige is running from; he only knows she's keeping some pretty serious secrets. Yet here she is, already a vital part of the community and working with him to crack a series of recent break-ins. Paige has to trust someone sometime. And it's going to be Fletch. Doesn't she know that she belongs here-with him?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 4.00