Making Christmas

When strong willed Callie sets out from her South Carolina home to join the Confederate Army and try to find her brother, who has already joined the war effort, the last fate she expects is to be injured and captured by Union soldiers. As Callie is disguised as a boy, the Union doctor who first examines her is shocked to discover that his newest patient is in fact a young woman. To protect her, Union doctor Tom Kent maintains her ruse and keeps her close by allowing her to help him in the infirmary quarters. Through such close quarters, tender feelings grow between Tom and Callie, though the notion that a southern belle and Union army doctor could ever end up together seems unlikely.

Making Christmas by Lizzie T. Leaf is a sweet and utterly engaging story of love and sacrifice during the American Civil War. Though the story is shorter than a novel, Ms. Leaf is able to bring the characters fully alive, so much so that they remained with me after I finished their tale. Even secondary characters, such as Confederate Major Henry Ash and a few scenes with General Sherman, are appealing and memorable. Despite the novella length of the story, Ms. Leaf builds the attraction between Callie and Tom slowly. It was enjoyable to watch the attraction and love between the hero and heroine grow, even in the midst of the strains and struggles of wartime. This wonderful story was a quick read, not only because of its length but because the characters were so interesting and their desires so heartfelt that I couldn't wait to find out how and if Tom and Callie would find their much deserved happy ending.

Book Blurb for Making Christmas

Wounded in a skirmish, Callie Marsh’s disguise as a Confederate soldier is discovered by the doctor who treats her. Working with him in the hospital she learns no matter what color uniform a soldier wears, they all miss family during the holidays. And that an enemy doctor can be the man of her dreams.

Dr. Tom Kent knows the safest place for the woman is working by his side. Their constant interaction has him wanting more than is smart considering their division of philosophy. His determination to keep her safe is hindered by Major Henry Ash’s decision the young prisoner would make an excellent aide could put her in danger of discovery.

Will Callie be able to set aside her dislike of Yankees to make Christmas for the enemy and especially for the man she’s come to love?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 5.00