Christmas Past

Christmas Past is a thoroughly enjoyable short read that leaves you wanting more and yet satisfies all at the same time. Susanna Fraser’s ability to weave in an interesting premise, two appealing characters, and flesh out historical setting in a short novella is a testament to her skill as an author. I generally enjoy time travel romance, and this novella was a fine example. The time travel itself made sense, and it provided a compelling conflict between Sydney and Miles.

Christmas Past is a short enjoyable read written with warmth, a healthy dash of holiday atmosphere, and featuring a sexy Regency hero and a strong-willed modern day heroine.

When Sydney Dahlquist breaks her time machine and finds herself stuck in 1810 England, she intends to keep her promise to destroy the machine and herself in order to maintain the stability of the timeline. But handsome Captain Miles Griffen has other plans. After learning Sydney’s time travel secret, he becomes determined to keep her by his side.

Book Blurb for Christmas Past

Time-traveling PhD student Sydney Dahlquist’s first mission sounded simple enough—spend two weeks in December 1810 collecting blood samples from the sick and wounded of Wellington’s army, then go home to modern-day Seattle and Christmas with her family. But when her time machine breaks, stranding her in the past, she must decide whether to sacrifice herself to protect the timeline or to build a new life—and embrace a new love—two centuries before her time.

Rifle captain Miles Griffin has been fascinated by the tall, beautiful "Mrs. Sydney" from the day he met her caring for wounded soldiers. When he stumbles upon her time travel secret on Christmas Eve, he vows to do whatever it takes to seduce her into making her home in his present—by his side.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00