When A Lioness Growls

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When A Lioness Growls

A Lion's Pride Book 7

I'm really liking the turn this series is taking. The lioness's are having to adapt to a different kind of mate and it's making things very interesting. In the wilds, the male is king but also lazy and it's the lioness who does the heavy lifting. I am finding it hilarious that these new additions to the series are throwing the girls for a loop.

JF seemed a little stiff and formal in the previous book and he indeed was. Like all long lived emotional creatures, he had his reasons for staying away from females. Too bad it's not a good enough reason for Stacey. She is relentless in her pursuit of her prey and won't take no for an answer. And JF can resist only so much. The back story was entertaining and kept me intrigued and I was pleasantly, well, surprised. I usually figure stuff out before the big reveal but this one caught me off guard.

With the author's trademark snark and snappy conversations, this was a winner for me and I look forward to the next.

Book Blurb for When A Lioness Growls

A trip to paradise. A mystery to solve. And a seriously uptight dude who doesn’t know how to smile.?

Stacey’s been intrigued by Jean Francois since the moment she first saw his granite countenance. Then when she found out he could fly… She never was one to leave her four feet on the ground.?While she might act like a princess, adventure is her middle name.

Under orders from her king, she drags poor JF along with her to an exotic location in search of answers. On the way, they find danger—fun—clues to unravel—stupendous—and a fiery lust that even he can’t resist.?

But when it comes to getting the man to make a commitment, this fiery-haired lioness is ready to growl. What will it take to make him admit he cares? Handcuffs come to mind.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2017 4.50