Unexpected Christmas

This was a Cinderella story of a sort, but with a little more steam. Caro was a strong woman in a time when women weren’t expected to be much more than a baby factory or an arm decoration. Left to the wilds of Victorian England, she’s stuck in the unenviable position of providing for herself. Women of that era had two choices, and she chose to teach rather than become some man’s mistress.

Sebastian has lived his whole life pleasing others, forced into a mold that didn’t fit. When he finds himself stranded with Caro, with only himself to count on for survival, he finds it invigorating. As well as very enlightening as to how he wants his life to proceed and what is indeed important.

This was a steady read that bumped along nicely. I found Caro’s decision to “give it all up” rather sudden, but under the circumstances can forgive, as her life loomed dark and lonely ahead. The spin the author put on the connection between Sebastian and Caro was a complete surprise and well done. Caro remained strong, and Sebastian learned to stand up to his father. All in all, a light read with a happy ending that celebrates the true spirit of Christmas.

Book Blurb for Unexpected Christmas

At first glance Caro may look like a simple school teacher, but a painful past gives her a wary edge. When a fierce snowstorm strands her with the all too handsome Lord Sebastian Trantern, caution is swept away by heavy winds of passion. Caro surrenders her body but the secrets within her heart mean that nothing can ever come of their fledgling relationship.

Sebastian isn’t willing to let three blissful days be all he will ever have of Caro. He must convince her that they can find happiness, even if she doesn’t think it’s possible—and Christmas might give him the perfect opportunity to do so.

A Romantica® erotic Regency-era historical romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 3.50