To Tame a Wolf

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To Tame a Wolf

Raised in love, Rose in unprepared for the treatment her betrothed subjects her to. Raised by her mother Maddie and stepfather Hawke, Rose has been nurtured and taught as a son would be. Unheard of in the times she lives in. Her mother loves her husband, Hawke, but he was a conqueror who killed her first husband. Determined to win Maddie, Hawke doted on Rose and grew to love her as much as if she were his own. That is why Rose is shocked when he arranges a marriage contract with the cold Lord Geoffrey. But she will do her duty.

Convinced he has chosen wisely, Hawke sends his beloved Rose with Geoffrey, not realizing the poor choice he has actually made. Unbeknownst to him, another party is very aware and sets out to save Rose, as well as his own honor and the lives of his people. Tricked into believing he is her savior, Rose allows her emotions to rule her head and jumps headfirst into a relationship with the charismatic and handsome Wulf. Now everything is a muddle, and Rose doesn’t know who to believe or which way to turn.

Politics has no place in love, but apparently it has everything to do with marriage in these dark times. Weighing happiness next to gold is difficult, but done every day. Instantly attracted to Wulf, Rose is easily maneuvered and manipulated. But she’s not stupid, and resents Wulf’s assumption that she is concerned with no more than girlish fripperies. With intrigue and a violent history for both Rose and Wulf’s families, it was colorfully illustrated all that was working against them and what was shaping up to be true love.

I thoroughly enjoyed the encounters between Wulf and Rose. While Wulf had a purpose for his seduction, he treated Rose gently and was soon seduced himself. With violence and sword fighting, this quick story kept my attention and flowed smoothly until the very end. There the author inserted a section that I felt had no place in the story and found very distracting. I perceived the dichotomy being drawn between Wulf and his father before him, but felt that Wulf had proven himself and the interlude was superfluous. That would be the only detraction from an entertaining, emotional and erotic read.

Book Blurb for To Tame a Wolf

Rose hadn't had the easiest of beginnings in this world. Her father had been killed, her mother taken by their conqueror. But when the Black Hawke decided he wanted to marry her mother and raise her as his daughter, Rose's mother hadn't been able to refuse.

But now Rose had reached her eighteenth season and a marriage contract had been made, a man chosen. Rose's excitement waned though, when her bridegroom seemed almost disinterested, caring little of her welfare or her comfort.

A stranger watched her, a handsome knightly man with fair hair and eyes that seemed to know what she looked like without her chemise. Would Rose be able to resist this man, to stay faithful to her bridegroom who showed such little concern for her? Would she be able to go back to Geoffrey and do what her father asked or would taming a Wolf be more to her liking? Would she be torn apart by this battle between her Wulf and the bridegroom chosen by her father or will she find the happily ever after she so desperately wants?


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.00