The Nasty Vamp

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The Nasty Vamp

Bunny has been literally screwed out of her birthright. Seduced on her twenty-first birthday she has lost her legacy of being a slayer. What she doesn't know, and what has been kept from her, is she has a different destiny. Engaging in wicked warfare with Ian, a master vamp, has it's moments and she does so adore ticking him off. Forced to being an "Albert" to her slayer cousin Bambi she kills vamps all night but doesn't get the credit. That goes to Bambi, who is a power-hungry jealous waste of skin who would rather screw vamps than kill them. Dreaming of a little romance in between her busy schedule Bunny never imagines the prince charming she longs for is actually the man she's been tormenting.

The irony is not lost on our intrepid heroine that her honey is her worst enemy. One thing detracted from this story for me and that was the punctuation. A lot of conversations were done telepathically but I had a hard time following due to the lack of punctuation depicting the actual conversational words from the descriptions or thoughts. The story was witty and had some very funny verbal exchanges between Bunny and her victim of the moment. I love sarcasm when a woman can back it up. While it didn't bump "Just My Luck" out of the top slot of this author's works for me, it was a fun walk on the wild side. The author's descriptions of characters were vivid and the interactions well fleshed out. I could see it all clearly in my minds-eye. A good entertaining read.

Book Blurb for The Nasty Vamp

All I wanted was to be a normal, ordinary girl whose biggest worry was what to wear to her twenty-first birthday party. I needed for a few hours to forget about my mother’s murder and the monsters that inhabit the night. With all my heart I wished for a little romance, for a man who could make me forget the bloodshed and death. I longed for a prince charming who would sweep me off my feet and kiss me under the stars. Then fate kicked me in the teeth and granted my wish.

My perfect prince charming turned out to be a vampire.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 3.50