The Accidental Demon Slayer

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The Accidental Demon Slayer

Biker Witches Mystery, #1

The Accidental Demon Slayer was an unexpected frolic filled with smart-mouthed geriatric witches, a talking terrier, and a drop-dead sexy griffin. 
Raised by foster parents, with no knowledge of her real family, Lizzie Brown (who works at a daycare and is incapable of swearing) is about to celebrate her thirtieth birthday.  And who shows up?  Her pink motorcycle-riding grandmother.  Talk about unexpected.  Oh and by the way, it’s her destiny to be the strongest ever demon slayer, and it’s her job to learn how to use her powers, like yesterday. 
And who shows up to make this fantastic story real?  Just a nasty little creature on her toilet seat, throwing deadly looking projectiles at her neck.  Which, by the way, Lizzie just casually plucks out of the air and lobs right back at the nasty little creature.  Who knew?
Add in Dimitri Kallinikos, aforementioned sexy griffin, and his secret agenda, and you are in for a hysterically funny wild ride. 
The humor throughout this read was inspired.  Caustic, witty and dead on sarcastic it appealed to me on countless levels.  Lizzie has a lot to deal with, least of which is suddenly understanding her ADHD terrier Pirate.  Add in the coven of witches who practice road kill magic, and how can you not be entertained? 
Full of not just humor but also a suspenseful tale and plenty of buried family secrets, there is also the instant attraction to Dimitri.  Lizzie also struggles to reconcile who she thought she was to who she was meant to be.  If given the chance, will Lizzie leave her newfound self behind?  What is Dimitri’s secret agenda?  Is he really interested in Lizzie or just what she can do for him?
I read this book in a day; it was that hard to put down.  Pick it up yourself and see.

Book Blurb for The Accidental Demon Slayer

It's never a good day when an ancient demon shows up on your toilet bowl. For Lizzie Brown, that's just the beginning. Soon her hyperactive terrier starts talking, and her long-lost biker witch Grandma is hurling Smuckers jars filled with magic. Just when she thinks she's seen it all, Lizzie learns she's a demon slayer—and all hell is after her.

Of course, that's not the only thing after her. Dimitri Kallinikos, a devastatingly handsome shape-shifting griffin, needs Lizzie to slay a demon of his own. But how do you talk a girl you've never met into going straight to the underworld? Lie. And if that doesn't work how dangerous could a little seduction be…?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.50