Reverse Abduction

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Reverse Abduction

Alien Abduction Book 8

Azteriya feels like a uterus up for grabs. Her mother keeps pushing marriage and settling down, but that's not what Azteriya is about. She wants to be like her father; an adventurer and fearsome warrior. Unfortunately, while her people travel the stars, the females of the species are still stuck in the dark ages. The added irritation of her father treating her as an equal has raised her desire to rebel to an actionable state. Azteriya is going to go for it.

When her adventure begins, it's not exactly what Azteriya imagined. And the human living in service to the owner of the ship she stowed away on is too much. She tells herself he bugs her, but she's attracted as well. Humans are not unknown to her as several have become mates to her kind, but he's not what she's looking for and never can be. Jedrek is as thrilled with Azteriya as she is with him. She seems to bring trouble with her at all times, and while it adds excitement it's also potentially deadly.

I've been a fan of the purple since the first book, and this was a refreshing switch. The attitude that Azteriya displays is true to her kind, but so is the strength of her love when it happens. I felt for both Azteriya and Jedrek as they had gotten hard breaks in their lives, but together they can be stronger and build the life they want with each other. There was plenty of verbal banter, a lot of flirting and the expected fast-paced adventure I associate with this author. The added charm of Azteriya being the hero most of the time (in her mind) just adds that edge that had me laughing out loud. A wonderfully amusing and entertaining read.

Book Blurb for Reverse Abduction

Ready for a new, hilarious purple romp where the roles have been switched?

It’s not fair that only males get to go out and pillage the universe. Being born a female automatically means staying home and birthing the next generation of warriors.?

Azteriya has other plans.

She has a dream of traveling the galaxy and exploring strange new worlds. Fighting fierce foes. Of clubbing a viable male to bring home to her mother so that her transgression is forgiven.

When a chance to escape arises, she takes it, but what will Azteriya do when she not only finds the adventure she’s been seeking but love too?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2018 4.50