Protecting a Mate

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Protecting a Mate

Quick & Furry, #7

Apparently male were-ferrets have no sense of self-preservation, and were-ferret mothers are bitches in heels and pearls. That said, welcome to another story involving the M&M Mating Agency. We met Melanie in her sister's book, and the now single Melanie is getting her own happily-ever-after with a man who belongs to just her and means it. Foster is a cranky bear and all the mating going on around him isn't helping. When his bear recognizes Melanie as his, look out!

I felt so sorry for Melanie in her sister's book, "Hunting a Mate." The horror and humiliation she endured was staggering, and her mother's collusion was the last straw. How did this woman raise children when she obviously doesn't have a maternal bone in her body? And Melanie's ex, Harvey, is a clueless wonder of the highest order. If destined mates are a possibility, I don't understand why Melanie was engaged in the first place, other than the obvious pressure from her mother.

The tried and true method of scenting a mate and going at it is employed, but the author manages to make it different than most with the addition of the caricatures of the mother and the fiance. I was reading so fast with my mouth hanging open in shock that I could look past that to Foster being Melanie's man and putting the unwelcome interference in their place. A very quick but satisfyingly romantic and sexy read, with enough valiant behavior to satisfy anyone, as well as a dark jolt of OMG that I certainly didn't see coming but wholeheartedly applauded.

Book Blurb for Protecting a Mate

She hit him with a door, so he stole her heart…

When wereferret Melanie Baxter meets werebear Foster Lawson, every part of her ferret stands up and takes notice. After her ex offers to sleep with her sister, Melanie isn’t inclined to listen to his sweet nothings. Then she meets a bear who smells so good, with the muscles and the ice blue eyes. And… yeah.

He wants to take things slow, his bear doesn’t…

Werebear Foster never imagined himself with a mate. Not when his massive animal is constantly on a hair trigger. He definitely didn’t think he’d end up with a sinfully sweet and curved in all the right places wereferret named Melanie Baxter.

His plans for a slow seduction of his mate are destroyed when a man from her past steps forward and tries to take what’s Foster’s. Not. Happening.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.50