Kissing Steel

Cyborg Seduction Book 2

Stuck in a loveless marriage, Rena is pursuing a commission that could make her life bearable. But when the ships she is trying to recover turns out to be in the possession of Cyborgs, a race created by humans and believed to be destroyed, she finds herself a possession. Being a survivor, she chooses to seduce her captor to ensure he doesn’t share her or give her away. But he’s set on a family unit with his own race, and he’s going to take a lot of convincing. Not secure in her own sexuality as a result of her marriage, Rena pursues her goal with no intention of failing.

Steel is less than thrilled when he is gifted with a human female. They are so small, surely they break easily. He informs her of his intentions to give her away, and that is when the trouble starts. Who knew such a small package could contain such a surprise?

Rena was what I would call plucky. Not secure in her abilities as a woman, she has no trouble believing in her ability to survive. She’s gotten this far in life, and is determined not to go down without a fight. Steel is somewhat prejudiced against humans, but his preconceptions are thrown into confusion when he is confronted with Rena and her machinations. He can’t help but admire her, while at the same time he desires her. Reading about Steel’s emotional awakening, and subsequent confusion, made this an entertaining read. One might be offended at his preliminary coldness, but he just needs to be taught another way. And Rena is just the woman to do it. With a lot of bumps and bruises, Rena and Steel find a way to be together even though it seems the universe is against them. And isn’t that what love is all about?

Book Blurb for Kissing Steel

All Rena wanted was to steal back a spaceship and earn enough money to buy her freedom from her travesty of a life. Her mission to recover stolen property from pirates backfired and she became a possession when she encountered cyborgs instead. Now, one of them will own her. Rena is a survivor…and she wants the very tall, big, brutally sexy cyborg who doesn’t like to share anything that belongs to him.

Steel is beyond irritated when he is maneuvered into ownership of a fragile human female. She’s not nearly big enough to handle his size or strength, yet she’s determined to get him into bed—into her. Steel realizes just what this little female is capable of when he awakens, chained to his bed, with her riding his very turned-on body. For a man who prides himself on his unyielding control, Steel soon finds Rena stripping him of it an inch at a time.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 3.75