King's Captive

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King's Captive

Well this was a mind freak of a read. The incident that leads to the current circumstances is meted out in memory flashes that are out of sequence and paint a bloody picture of Julius King, Sarah Mercedes “host” and captor. Three years she’s been on his island waiting for her birthday so he can marry her and take over her family’s assets. How romantic?

Sarah is eighteen and held by the threat to her much younger brother. She hides herself behind manners and lack of interaction with Julius and his outlaw employees. Julius is a gun runner and while handsome and immensely attractive, he is also very deadly. Julius is considerate and seductive, and while Sarah finds herself drawn to the man, she’s disgusted with herself for feeling that way. What will happen when her birthday actually arrives?

As mentioned, mind freak. The author wove a fantastical tale, with hints and innuendoes, teases and shadows of information. The reader is given tidbits but something is dangling in the distance. Something doesn’t feel quite right about the way things are presented. And that feeling is more than right. I was thoroughly absorbed and entertained throughout the book, and while frustrated at times definitely enjoyed the big reveal. My only lament is I would have liked a more fleshed-out ending. I thought the author could have given the reader much more to round out the conclusion.

Book Blurb for King's Captive

No.1 Bestselling Author Amber Bardan, returns with a darkly twisted stand alone romance

For three years, I've belonged to Julius King.

Some people would think being stuck on a private island is heaven, but this is my hell.  

Because I'm not here as a guest. Not even close. I'm a prisoner. I'm his.

Julius King. Powerful. Wealthy. Dangerous.

There are parts of me he wants that I can't give him. When he looks at me, there are times I swear he sees someone else. And the scary part is that sometimes, when he touches me, I think he may be someone else, too.

Though my body might be tempted, and he might control everything else, I can't let him have any piece of my heart. I won't. But every day, the fight gets harder, and Julius manages to slip past my defenses in the most unexpected ways. 

I have to find out the truth about Julius King. Even if it destroys me.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.50