Jilted Prince

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Jilted Prince

Hell's Son Book 2

Forced to the altar and expecting to be rescued by her prince charming, imagine Isobel's surprise when he's actually her groom. Now most would be thrilled, but not Isobel. See, she's getting Chris for all the wrong reasons. And what was he thinking agreeing to marry a complete stranger?

This starts right up where the last book left off, and it doesn't disappoint. The reader is still in the dark as to the identity of Chris's mom, but she's indeed a powerful force. Father of the groom, AKA Lucifer, is still present but showing disturbing glimpses of humanity. As Isobel sends Chris on a quest to prove himself as truly devoted, interested parties come out of the woodwork with opinions, advice and their own agendas.

The family closeness but overall weirdness that is Isobel's family is proudly displayed as they join forces to protect their reputation in the magical world. Secrets abound in her family and she is just beginning to realize the widespread impact as well as the close to home ramifications. Chris is growing in power and character. While still kind of lazy and selfish, he's also showing devotion to Isobel and thinking of more than his small part of the overall picture. A few new characters have been added to the landscape that have me intrigued.

I did need a little mental refresher concerning the first book since this picked up where that left off, but once that was accomplished I enjoyed the second leg of the journey. The chastity issue is still, well, an issue. And Isobel acquires a kind of chaperone. The mysteries are being slowly unwoven, while others are being reburied. I am totally invested in Chris and Isobel as a strong couple and eagerly anticipate the third installment.

Book Blurb for Jilted Prince

She left him at the altar, but the devil is making him keep his promise.

Destiny is calling Chris, yet someone forgot to give him an instruction manual on conquering the world. Being the Antichrist is all well and good, but how is he supposed to know how to bring about Armageddon? He’s still waiting for his army of minions, the glory, the riches. And where is the respect?

You’d think any woman would be ecstatic at the thought of marrying the future ruler of the world.

Not Isobel.

She keeps spouting things like “forced to get married,” “love me for myself, not because Daddy made you.”

It doesn’t help that his psychotic mother with a penchant for playing with dead things has taken an interest. However, having her henchman of the apocalypse attempt to kidnap him isn’t the way to get in his good graces.

Things are starting to get complicated on Earth. Dark forces are rising, Chris’s powers are still developing—and he’s pretty sure his dad, Lucifer, wants him dead. What’s the destroyer of the world to do?

Point him to the nearest bar. This calls for more beer.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 4.50