Dragon Reborn

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Dragon Reborn

Dragon Point Book 5

Again! I really wish everyone would get on-board that the world revolves around me. Deka is convinced it's all about her, and Samael is sure it's all about him. Anyway, we've met both Deka and Samael in previous books and both have made quite an impression. Now it's time for these two to have their chance and for me to sit back on my throne and enjoy the ride.

Deka is nuts and has illustrated this fabulously. She's also determined, confident, and able to back up her attitude. Samael doesn't have a chance. And after awhile he doesn't want one. As these two go up against the evil that is threatening dragon kind, and on a side note humankind, they use their combined powers for good, with the promise for a hoard worthy reward at the end.

So enjoyed the much anticipated snark between the couple falling in love. Hey, mostly good but with a wide streak of evil people need love too, you know. Deka goes after her man, and no nebulous soul eating b*tch is going to stop her. Samael, momentarily down in the dumps, feels the love from Deka and starts to believe. In himself and a possible future together. Highly intrigued by the background characters that help (or do they?) Deka and Samael, as well as the revelations about dragon history.

Lots of fun and smexy times, and the total irreverence that Deka shows, well everyone, is highly entertaining. Love the series, where it's going, where it's been and look forward to more.

Book Blurb for Dragon Reborn

I’m not crazy. I’m a dragoness.

Deka knows she’s the center of the universe, but sometimes even the almighty sun has to act when her main squeeze disappears. Samael might not yet recognize that they’re mates.

But he will.

She won’t give him a choice. First, though, she has to find him.

An ancient enemy has captured her stud. It is going to be super dangerous getting him back. Awesome because Deka thrives on risk—and will do anything for love.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.50