Brighid's Cross

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Brighid's Cross

An End of Days Title

It's the future and it's bleak. Humanity lives under a dome due to the damage they've wrought on the planet and it's all run by Dreamtech. But do human's really need to live inside the dome? Aika is a descendant of St. Brighid and possesses abilities that enable her to pass between. An ability that made her work for Dreamtech valuable until she used it against them. Now with a bounty on her head she lives in the fringes fighting for the underdog and avoiding security. But when Declan tracks her down he knows other's can as well and sets out to warn her.

I really love a good apocalypse story but this one was a little to confusing for me. I felt there were parts of the story missing that would have helped me understand better, but the author was so familiar with her tale she assumed the reader knew what she did. I wasn't really feeling the chemistry between Declan and Aika and the hint of a fated alliance wasn't fleshed out enough to be clear. Aika's nemesis was interesting and deserved more time devoted to him since he played such a big part in the story's conclusion. All in all it was entertaining but left me needing and wanting more.

Book Blurb for Brighid's Cross

One woman with a job to do. One gorgeous hacker with a plan. One apocalypse. Any questions?

Aika Lareto is a descendent of St. Brighid in her incarnation of all things fire and warfare in a time when heroes were revered as gods.  In 2025, this means Aika is hunted by all things demon and government.  All she wants is to get on with her work as guardian of the dregs scraping out a fringe existence in London’s blitzed underground—the lost, forgotten and the just plain ignored.

Declan Pryce is the hacker who finds her first. Quite a feat, considering current ruling government conglomerate Dreamtech has issued a bounty on Aika’s head for her ability to bypass their security systems.

When she escapes Dreamtech’s net, the vote is unanimous—

Aika is a liability in need of immediate resolution—dead or alive is entirely her choice.

No choice, really. She’ll take death over disloyalty every time. Declan has a plan that doesn’t include falling for an impossible woman in an impossible situation. She has plans of her own that don’t leave room for a love life.

If they’re incredibly lucky, it just might work.

Warning: Contains a hot hacker with a penchant for redheads, battles with demons, a little light torture, explosions and a heroine willing to do whatever it takes to do her job.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.00