Prince of Dragons

The Orion Series Book 3

Cathryn Cade has another masterpiece in her third installation of the Orion series, the Prince of Dragons. Sirena Blaze lives by her own rules when it comes to men. She’s a Serpentian with a highly active sexual lifestyle. She beds who she wants and is quite comfortable in her sexual endeavors. In enters Slyde Stone, a one woman types of man. Slyde knows what he wants and that is Siren, but only on his terms. Sidle is a dragon who can only mate once. Sirena is his mate and he’s not willing to share her with anyone else.

As danger surrounds the Orion, Slyde and Sirena must find a way to capture the offending parties while easing their sexual tension towards each other. Will love conqueror all as these two powerful entities fight to save the Orion.

After reading the first Orion series, I was hooked. Cade is novelist who brings the characters to life. And even though, this is an erotic scifi, the language of romance is universal and spans across time. Like the characters in the first of this series, the passion between Sirena and Slyde is explosive.

Book Blurb for Prince of Dragons

His beast will have her beauty—but only on his terms.

Sirena Blaze has left a string of smiling males across the galaxy—but she’s not smiling now. After two attempts to sabotage her ship, it’s time to call for backup. Her warriors deserve the best, and that means recruiting a member of the elite Serpentian guard as co-commander.

One look at Slyde Stone, and Sirena’s smile returns. She sets out to indulge in the sensual delights for which his people are legendary.

Slyde would like nothing more than to bed the famous beauty, but a secret binds the hands that burn to take her. He is a half-dragon shifter, a race thought to be nothing more than a myth. He’s real, and so is the code he must live by—he can mate only once.

Sirena’s fury at Slyde’s refusal knows no bounds—until saboteurs loose a pair of deadly serpents on board the Orion. And the infuriating man has the gall to make a wager. If she finds them first, she can have him. But if he wins, she must agree to be his alone—for life.

Warning: Space cougar on the prowl, a handsome virgin in her sights. Hot love scenes, and even hotter dragon shape-shifting. (156 pages)

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 4.00