Surprise! You're a Christmas Bride

The Christmas Love List Book 1

New to town, Bridal consultant Maisey Gates is hoping to make a few new friends for Christmas. She finds those new friends at a book club at a wine shop, where there’s more gossip and gab than actual reading. The girls introduce Maisey to ‘The Love List’. The Love List is a list of eligible men in town. The names are placed in a basket and whoever is drawn you must ask for a date.

Maisey wants no part of The Love List, and would rather be alone at Christmas than risk hurting someone’s feelings when they find out the truth.

Maisey is persuaded to take her match home with her, but she has no intentions of calling him. Before she gets home, she is caught in an ice storm, and meets a handsome police officer named Sean Marshall. He’s sweet and kind and the attraction between the two is instant.

But Sean has some major baggage that can’t be hidden for very long, and Maisey makes a very interesting discovery of her own that makes her think again about Sean’s trustworthiness.

Surprise, “You’re a Christmas Bride” is a sweet and enjoyable holiday novella. It’s very short, but it’s satisfying enough to bring a little tear to this reviewer’s eye, and that doesn’t happen very often. The Love List premise is an interesting one, but also it’s a bit controversial since feelings can be hurt by this game. Still, I love this story and recommend it to bring some cheer to this holiday season.

Book Blurb for Surprise! You're a Christmas Bride

New to town, all that bridal consultant Maisey Gates wants is to meet a few new friends at Christmas time. When they introduce her to The Love List as a way to find that special Christmas date, Maisey wants no parts of it, but she doesn’t want to disappoint her new friends.

Love finds Maisey before she even has a chance to look at her Love List match.

Sean Marshall is ready to resume his life after tragically losing his wife. Meeting Maisey is a breath of fresh air, and he immediately senses Maisey could become a permanent part of his life. But Sean has a lot of baggage, some of it potential deal-breakers for his new relationship with Maisey.

What Sean doesn’t know is Maisey has a secret of her own.

With Christmas fast approaching, will Maisey and Sean find their Merry Christmas together, or will it be another holiday spent alone?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 5.00