Sunset Beach Romance Series

Four women friends, all successful, but disillusioned in their current life. A ten year reunion at Sunset Beach gives them the wild and crazy idea to purchase and restore a long closed inn and transform it into a trendy resort and spa. Along the way, will they discover, or in some cases, re-discover love?

Book 1 is Sunset Kisses by Angela Ford. Aviva left Sunset Beach for a full scholarship, and later a job on Wall Street. She has climbed her way up the latter to success, but mostly because of her boss, who she is carrying on an affair. Sunset Beach becomes her escape, and she soon is reunited with Jacob, her long ago love who has never forgot her.

Book 2 is Sunset Nights by Sharon Kleve. Fiona Paxton left Sunset Beach to become a successful fashion designer. When she returns, she meets Tripp, who has given up his own successful life to become a bee keeper. Their connection immediate and intense, but is it just a short term thing, or can it actually lead to love?

Book 3 is Sunset Waves by Jennifer Conner. Mateo Medina once had it all – Great life, great condo, money, and unfortunately an anxiety problem. He convinces himself that a few days at Sunset Beach will cure all his problems. But are his problems just beginning? He meets Kyra, one of the owners of the new resort, who has a very big problem – someone has hacked the resort’s website? Mateo tries to help Kyra, and Kyra begins developing strong feelings for Mateo that she tries to ignore.

Book 4 is Sunset Surprise by Natalie-Nicole Bates. They saved the best for last. Summer Whitney left Sunset Beach when her parents put an end to her new marriage to medical student Kimon Galanos. She carved out a successful career as a tattoo artist, along with her fiancé, Erick, who passed away suddenly. An unexpected visit from Kimon brings startling news to Summer. Is it possible for the couple torn apart a decade earlier to find their way back to each other again?

The Sunset Beach Romance Series is a collection of short, beach inspired romances. Each story is completely different from the others, but they still flow together as an anthology. Well written, great characters, and happy endings are all in store for you when you read Sunset Beach Romance Series. So get back into the summer spirit and enjoy this worthy anthology.

Book Blurb for Sunset Beach Romance Series

Now together for the first time. The best-selling Sunset Beach Romance Series.

Four best friends from high school reunite at their ten year high school reunion. All had went their separate ways to college across the country wanting to get out of the small town they grew up in and have professional careers and make lots of money. Rich, successful yet lonely, none of the four friends have been lucky in love.

Sunset Kisses - Angela Ford

Sunset Nights - Sharon Kleve

Sunset Waves - Jennifer Conner

Sunset Surprise - Natalie-Nicole Bates

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.50