His Redemption

The Albion Book 2

During the Christmas season of 1892, Evie Stanton finds herself a pregnant widow in a strange town. She has very little money, and no one to turn to. Luck seems to find its way to Evie when she meets a kind police officer named Marty Burke, and a new friend named Lily Rydall.

Marty offers to marry Evie, and give her and her baby-to-be a home. It seems almost to good to be true.

And maybe it is.

Lily fills Evie in on a disastrous chain of events a year earlier, set off by Marty, that nearly destroyed several of Lily’s loved ones, including her sister, Rosey. Lily as well as others at THE ALBION Hotel hate Marty with a passion, and perhaps, rightly so. Lily warns Evie that Marty is not a man to be trusted. But with a baby on the way, and no home to go to, Evie doesn’t have much choice.

Soon, Marty disappears, and Evie must turn to the same people who despise her new husband to come to his rescue.

HIS REPEMPTION is a story of love, forgiveness, and the strength of friendship. It is the second book in THE ALBION series, but stands on its own. A lot of the story takes place within THE ALBION Hotel. It is sweet and uplifting, but it has a lot of spice, too. The characters are beautifully imperfect, with their own faults and foibles, but will steal your heart as well. A lovely, gorgeously written Christmas story that is sure to please. A great follow up to Book 1 of THE ALBION series, ROSEY RED WITH BLOOD ON HER HANDS.

Book Blurb for His Redemption

Is Marty Burke too good to be true?

With a baby on the way, it should have been the best Christmas ever for Evie Stanton. Instead, she finds herself a widow, and alone in a strange town. Luck seems to shine on Evie when she meets police officer Marty Burke. Marty is everything her late husband was not – kind, caring, and loyal. Marty offers to marry her, and give her and her baby a home.

It’s almost too perfect until Evie hears rumors about Marty’s past.

She finds it impossible to reconcile the handsome, wonderful man she knows, with the dark and dangerous man she is told about.

For Evie, her choice becomes one of uncertainty. Marry a man with a questionable reputation, or find herself homeless with a new baby.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2017 5.00