Darkly Skewed

Dark Carnival Book 1

Once a successful surgeon and later coroner, life was perfect for Shaun Collins until an attack late one night in the morgue. Whatever demon he encountered rendered him a living corpse with a thirst for blood. With no hope, and becoming increasingly bitter and angry for the loss of his life, Shaun comes upon Dark Carnival, a travelling carnival where all the performers hold secrets.

It’s 1907, and Shaun is bored, disillusioned, and lonely. He travels town to town with Dark Carnival as a clown. When the carnival arrives in a new town shortly before Halloween, Shaun meets a lovely young woman named Kyrie. She invites him to a Halloween masquerade. For Shaun, it is perfect. He won’t need to show his true face to Kyrie.

Shaun soon finds himself deeply in love with Kyrie, even knowing their relationship will not continue beyond Dark Carnival’s brief time in town. Still, Shaun can’t let her go.

DARKLY SKEWED is Book 1 of Dark Carnival. Dark Carnival is a New World Series. A fictional world whose inhabitants will have their stories told through several authors. DARKLY SKEWED also crosses over with THE ALBION, another New World Series.

I have one word for DARKLY SKEWED: Wow! It is a story unlike anything I have ever read before. It is sexy and romantic, haunting yet beautiful, with an underlying horror. Shaun Collins will shock you, but then you will cry for him. His anguish is so real it practically leaps off the page. Kyrie (Kir-ee-ay) is a mystery herself. A young, educated woman all alone in the world. She has the ability to make Shaun see how things really are, not the skewed view he has of himself and the world around him. I look forward to the next books in this New World Series. Easily a five star read.

Book Blurb for Darkly Skewed

One night forever changed the life of Shaun Collins.

Once a successful and respected coroner, Shaun encountered a demon who rendered him nothing more than a living corpse, doomed to live on forever and ever.

And then Shaun found Dark Carnival. A mysterious travelling curiosity show where all the performers have secrets. Assuming the persona of a clown, Shaun travels city to city, hating himself a bit more with each passing day.

Everything changes when he meets the most beautiful woman named Kyrie, who doesn’t see what others see.

But to love Kyrie is not only selfish, but dangerous as well.

Can Shaun find a way in his impossible world to keep the woman he loves, and return to a normal life once again, or will his desires destroy them both?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 5.00