Amii's Angel

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Amii's Angel

Amii's Angel is an extremely hot novella from Natalie-Nicole Bates. Amii and Ryan are two unique characters that march to their own beat, and into the reader's heart. You will not find an overbearing alpha hero in this story, but instead a sensitive, charming man who will have you wishing for a one way ticket to the fictional town of Unity. Amii's Angel tackles a host of sensitive issues with tact, and leaves you with a satisfying conclusion. I highly recommend Amii's Angel.

Thirty-something Amii Sloane is at a point in her life where nothing is working. Once a successful true-crime writer, she now has lost the interest. Things are becoming dire for her as she struggles to support her mother who suffers from early onset dementia. One evening, she finds herself face-to-face with Ryan Maine, the brash, sharp-tongued lawyer who won an acquittal for the man who murdered Amii's younger sister, Aunna. Ryan offers Amii a unique opportunity that will solve all her problems at once. The more time she spends with the handsome, charming Ryan the more she begins to see the real man, not the larger-than-life facade he hides behind.

Book Blurb for Amii's Angel

For years, Amii Sloan has held a burning grudge against Ryan Maine for his cutting cross examination during her sister’s murder trial. Now, a chance encounter brings Ryan back into her life, along with a very interesting proposition—to work as his personal assistant in the idyllic town of Unity.

Down on her luck, and supporting a mother with early onset dementia, Amii doesn’t have much of a choice but to accept the job Ryan offers. But can she overlook the past, to possibly open the door to a brighter future?

As she spends time with the handsome, successful lawyer, she realizes that maybe first impressions can be wrong, and that just maybe she and Ryan could share a whole lot more than she ever imagined.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 5.00