Kentucky Bride

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Kentucky Bride

Bluegrass Reunion Series, Book Four

I never make a promise I cannot keep, so with that said, I found another book written by Jan Scarbrough and I liked it! When I had the unfortunate run in with Kentucky Groom, I wanted nothing more than to give Scarbrough another chance, so I discovered book four in her Bluegrass Reunion series and was pleasantly surprised. Kentucky Bride is a short novella of 84 pages, and very easy to read. Scarbrough keeps the same horse friendly atmosphere I was first introduced to in Kentucky Groom, and I believe she paints a lovely picture of the life of an equestrienne and what it takes to be a horse trainer.

The basic premise of Kentucky Bride is love come again. I hope that makes sense! Camden Brennan, a thirty-year-old with drool worthy features and a bank account to back up those good looks, sets his eyes on Aimee Elliott. Aimee Elliott is a twenty-five-year-old equestrienne, who has set out to prove her father wrong. She hails from a wealthy family and a mother who is itching to marry her daughter off into even more wealth. Aimee, stubborn and independent, plants her riding boots in Kentucky, where she meets Cam.

Kentucky Bride, because it is so short, is fast paced, yet slow enough to enjoy. The back story lets the readers know “just enough” to be satisfied before it jumps into the present. I will divulge one major clue: Cam’s heart was broken by Aimee! Now, before you (the readers) get upset with me, let me tell you, the back cover and synopsis reveals this information. Aimee, while in college, dated Cam and they both fell in love. Eventually, Cam is left heartbroken and sent on his way. Years later, Cam has returned to land a huge deal for his family’s business, and guess what? He needs Aimee in order to do so.

This short novella was cute, but I cannot give it much more than that. It definitely entertains, and I do not think the readers will be disappointed. The characters are likeable, and the story flows smoothly. Is Kentucky Bride clichéd? Yes. Is Kentucky Bride predictable? Yes. Is Kentucky Bride worth the read? I think so.

To conclude, Scarbrough redeemed herself as an author, at least in my eyes! I was sourly disappointed in Kentucky Groom, yet Kentucky Bride is pleasantly sweet. If the readers are looking for a quick and cute read, Kentucky Bride may just be the novella to check out.

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Book Blurb for Kentucky Bride

Champion equestrienne Aimee Elliott wants to be in taken seriously. An over-protected only child, she's tired of being just window dressing. Refusing financial support from her parents, Aimee goes to work for a horse trainer. For the first time, she's free of her parents' control. Determined to marry for love, Aimee can never be sure if a man loves her for herself or for her father's millions. Besides, she's unsure if she can make it without Daddy's money.

Camden Brennan owes the man who adopted him a lot. Now CEO of his father's heavy equipment company, Cam stands to win a million dollar contract-if he can convince eccentric Ray Elliott to accept his bid. Too worried about the behavior of his only daughter to concentrate on negotiations, the road construction magnate makes it clear to Cam that he'll show his gratitude to any man who marries his daughter and takes her off his hands.

Realizing if he captures the hand of the wayward Miss Aimee Elliott, he'll also capture the biggest deal of his life, Cam sets out to do just that. Trouble is, six years earlier, their summertime fling ended badly. Aimee is the only woman who's ever rejected him, and the only woman Cam has ever loved.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 3.25