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Shadow Finders, #1

Tanya Mosier was a pregnant law student who planned on the ultimate sacrifice: she was going to give her baby to her sister and her husband to raise. When Jenna refused, Tanya fled and didn't contact Jenna. Now, ten years later, Tanya has been murdered. Clutched in her hand was a note for Jenna to protect her baby. The man who found Tanya, Marine Recon Specialist Reed Adler, finds himself caring for a young boy who refuses to speak and flinches every time Reed steps near. While out on a hike, Reed and the young boy stumble upon an unconscious Jenna.

When it is determined that there is something really huge going on, Reed calls in his friends from the Marines. Together, they will eliminate the threat to Jenna and the young boy, David. Plot wise, this story moves. The book begins with Reed finding Tanya and David in the mountains. The plot doesn't really let up from there.

Reed suffers from PTSD and will envision that he is still in the hills of Afghanistan when he hears loud noises or cars backfiring. He is dominate and protective. Frankly, he was incredibly likable in that he is flawed (gah, I hesitate to use that word here) and overly protective of his woman and child.

Jenna... Jenna took some getting used to for me. She is purported to be so organized and self-sufficient but acts like a complete dullard when she whines that she doesn't want Reed to "take over her." I get that she was leery of men after the way her ex-husband treated her, but her lack of sense at times really got old.

The cast of Marines and their interaction was hilarious at times- salty with banter and seasoned with insults. It was a fun break from the heavy topic the book handles.

Book Blurb for Expendable

Children with no birth records and a soldier with PTSD together must define the value of human life.

Jenna Mosier is on a mission to save her murdered sister’s child. Estranged for ten years after a bitter fight, the trail is as cold as her dead sibling. The only glimmer of hope is the place her sister’s body and a ten-year old boy were abandoned…the backyard of Reed Adler, retired Marine Special Ops.

Working together, Jenna and Reed piece together a mystery involving missing children and biogenetics research..and find they have more than justice and revenge in common. But the closer they get to answers, and each other, the more deadly the game becomes. With their hearts and lives on the line, they must decide what they are willing to risk to save one young boy.

This is the first book in a new suspense series where a group of former Marines become Shadow Finders. They help find those who have disappeared, have no identity, or are presumed dead.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.75