Reunited in Danger

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Reunited in Danger

Detective Logan North has decided it is time for a change. He can't trust himself or his temper so he has decided to take a desk job. He has also decided to move far away in hopes of a fresh start.

Social worker Keely Allen is tired and frustrated with her job. Trying to protect children from their abusive parents is exhausting but it is something that she feels passionate about.

Logan and Keely were high school sweethearts. Keely thought they would always be together but one day Logan left and never came back. All these years later Keely still doesn't know what happened.

When Keely's father is attacked and beaten in his home the two old flames are thrown together in an effort to solve the crime. What they find is shocking and goes way farther than they could have ever imagined.

This novel is a romantic suspense. The author does a good job keeping it equal parts suspense and equal parts romance. The characters are likeable and you can feel the emotions between Keely and Logan as they work through the past. The suspense part of the book moved along well and was relevant to current events in our society. My only issue with the book was that Logan had some personal demons which I felt were too simplified to be realistic. They were also too easily solved. Lifelong self-esteem issues are not magically solved with the love of a good woman. I would have liked to have seen that area developed more.

Overall this was solid read and there were no major issues in it. If you enjoy the romantic suspense genre you may want to give this book a try.

Book Blurb for Reunited in Danger

Baltimore social worker Keely Allen spent months recuperating from heartache after Logan North left her without a word ten years ago. She vows to keep the aftermath of their lovemaking a secret. Now he’s back in town, fighting crime as a decorated policeman, and she needs his help. Her father is attacked, and children are disappearing from the city without a trace. The more she discovers, the more she can’t help wonder if there’s a connection between the two events.Forced together by circumstance, the reunited lovers’ old passion erupts anew. Logan needs Keely to know he cares. Probably too much. If he’s to have a chance at being with her, Logan needs to find a way to fight off the ghosts of his past. But as a madman commits unspeakable crimes, Logan finds himself torn between letting go of the life he thinks he deserves…and being with the woman he can’t resist.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 3.50