Dead Ringer

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Dead Ringer

Brandon Ringer is having a very hard life. His parents have thrown him out for being gay and he's done a lot of things he's not proud of to get by. When his famous grandmother dies and leaves him her house it doesn't relieve him at all. She's left the house but no means to pay for it's up keep and while it's now an albatross around Brandon's neck he can't let it go. It's the only place he was ever happy and his grandmother was the only person who ever showed him any love. Since Brandon is the splitting image of his dead but very famous Hollywood idol grandfather, James Ringer, he finds himself at a Hollywood escort services that specializes in celebrity look-alikes. Percy Charles is a rich young man but due to a chronic illness he is isolated and sheltered. His only passion is his love for old movies and his favorite celebrity crush, James Ringer. After Percy hires Brandon the two young men becomes friends and then lovers. Both men have a myriad of issues and the relationship is a hard road for them both.

I enjoyed this fresh take on an old trope (rich guy meets rent boy). It was creatively done and I found myself pulled in from the beginning. Both of the main characters were well written and they were not the typical characters you see in a story like this. Brandon's attitude towards his job was really interesting and I'm not sure I've seen this topic handled this way in any other book I've read . The plot was gritty and edgy and I honestly thought for much of the story that there might not end up being a happily ever after (which thankfully there was). I really enjoyed the side characters in this also. They all really added to the plot and they were well developed without over shadowing the two main characters or their story.

I had been really anticipating this book and I'm glad to say that it did not disappoint. Definitely a book I would recommend.

Book Blurb for Dead Ringer

Brandon Ringer has a dead man’s face. His grandfather, silver-screen heartthrob James Ringer, died tragically at twenty-one, and Brandon looks exactly like him. But that’s where the resemblance ends. Brandon is unknown, unemployed, and up to his ears in bills after inheriting his grandparents’ Hollywood mansion. He refuses to sell it—it’s his last connection to his grandmother—so to raise the cash he needs, he joins a celebrity look-alike escort agency.

Percy Charles is chronically ill, isolated, and lonely. His only company is his meddlesome caregiver and his collection of James Ringer memorabilia. When he finds “Jim Ringer” on Hollywood Doubles’ website, he books an appointment, hoping to meet someone who shares his passion for his idol.

Brandon? Not that person.

But despite their differences, they connect, and Percy’s fanboy love for James shows Brandon a side of his grandfather he never knew. Soon they want time together off the clock, but Percy is losing his battle for independence, and Brandon feels trapped in James’s long shadow. Their struggle to love each other is the stuff of classic Hollywood. Too bad Brandon knows how those stories end.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.50