His to Claim

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His to Claim

Melanie was just floating along in her life, working as a barista, just wishing for something or someone to take her away from it all. Having run away from the perfect job, working for Rafe Ranier, was the only way to survive the crush that threatened to consume her. Having to see him every day with a new woman on his arm, or even worse her friend Jessica, was about the same as asking someone to slowly rip her heart out every day. Then having to see Rafe every day when he comes into her coffee shop couldn't be any worse, since it seems every day he gets better looking and keeps throwing around feelings that he couldn't possibly have for her. Seeing Rafe as anything more than out of her league can only lead to heartbreak, and yet at the first chance Melanie is willing to risk the hurt to get into Rafe's arms.

Rafe never looked at Melanie as anything more than a friend until she left him unexpectedly with no reason. The more that he goes after her for an answer, the more that he is starting to see her as more than just his assistant. How Rafe missed her as a woman is beyond anything he can understand, especially since she is definitely a woman that he would kill to have under him for more than a night. But Rafe has a secret. One that could not only ruin his brother's company but also could make Melanie see him in a light that she may not like. This secret is the real Rafe, and soon enough Rafe will have to come out to everyone if he expects a chance to get the girl and the fame. Along with his closest frenemy, and other buddies, Rafe is prepared to take Melanie on the ride of her life, if only she is willing to trust that he is the guy for her in all ways.

What a super-hot read!! I want a Rafe all for me now! There is nothing better than a bad boy who knows how to plan it good when the time is right. Rafe is just what you would expect from a billionaire bad boy, and yet he has just enough secrets to keep the story interesting and make you want to read more about him.

I will say that it took some time for me to fall for Melanie as a character in the beginning, but once she got over herself and got with Rafe she became a much better character to relate too.

I hate that I have to wait until September 2014 to see just how this story ends! I need more Rafe now and Savage Kiss. If you haven't gotten a chance to read this series than you need to get into it now, or if you are like me maybe wait until the last installment is out in September so you can read it all in one sitting.

This one is a definite reread for me once I have all the parts, as I am sure that it will be for anyone who knows and loves Opal Carew's work.

Book Blurb for His to Claim

Rafe Ranier, a rock musician by night and head of a multi-million dollar family business during the day, never wanted to get involved with his secretary. But when their combustable attraction ignites, they wind up in bed together—and Rafe’s solitary world is shaken to its core.

Melanie, a shy wallflower who’s harbored a secret crush on her boss for years, is torn. Her heart couldn’t stand it Rafe breaks it off, but that doesn’t mean she can’t indulge in an illicit affair with him…as long as he understands that falling in love is not on the table.But when Melanie agrees to go on tour with Rafe and his band, Savage Kiss, they both discover that passion can set fire to even the most carefully laid plans.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 5.00