The Protector

Blood Legends, #1

Mona seems like just a workaholic doctor pulling too many hours. When her guardian is suddenly killed before her eyes she is ready for revenge. She is not sure what supernatural forces she is dealing with but she is determined to know everything. When she finds a business card on her window shield she is not sure if she should dial the number. But she has no other leads. She meets Xander. He is dangerously handsome and intelligent, plus he is holding secrets from her. Can she really trust him?

Generally, this was a good book. The only thing I disliked was Mona’s attractions to Hunter…who obviously only intended to use her. Lastly, I thought that while the book was interesting and kept me reading, at times I was confused because of all the characters. Still, it was thoroughly appealing, entertaining, and had a good length.

Book Blurb for The Protector

It only takes one to reverse the fate of all. She alone holds the powers to keep the forces of evil at bay. Her sacrifice for humanity may include her life.

Mona Laveaux is unaware that she is part of an ancient legacy—the product of a union between a powerful witch and a Protector. Life-altering events, including the death of her guardian, lead her on a quest of self-discovery. Fate guides her to cross paths with Xander and Hunter—the Hero Twins reincarnated. Through them, she learns the purpose of her existence, both of her life and of her heart. But, with both brothers competing for her love, Mona has everything to lose and hardly anything to gain. All her decisions, including choosing one brother over the other, could mean losing humanity to the Apocalypse. Xander and Hunter must form an alliance to defeat the Lords of the Underworld. But their fight for power—and Mona—just might keep them divided.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50