To Wed in Scandal

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To Wed in Scandal

A Scandal in London Novel

Sabrina wants a husband she will never love as love would certainly be heartbreak. She had watched her father take mistress after mistress, devastating her mother. Henry, Viscount Montgomery, is going to change her mind. He has known her since she was a child and affectionately called her "Pest". Sabrina is stubborn and doesn't want anything to do with Montgomery, until she gets a taste of either love or lust. She has her eyes set on Lord Fairford, who has a mistress already. Henry finds out things about him that makes him sure he won't let Sabrina marry him. She also starts a relationship with Lord Percy Falloure. She doesn't know that he is Henry's friend.

I don't think Sabrina knows what she wants. She devises these outlandish plans only to have them backfire on her. She's a bit wishy washy. She eventually elopes with Lord Fairford, which leads Henry on a mission to rescue her. Sabrina is quite selfish. She hurts so many people and doesn't seem to care. As you read the book you have this desire that all will be well for Henry and Sabrina. She needs a man like Henry to show her not all men are cads. The only real gentleman besides Henry is Percy. Will Percy find love or will he remain carefree and roaming?

This was a wonderful historical romance that lets your imagination run free. You kind of feel like you are in GONE WITH THE WIND. Sabrina and Scarlett are two of a kind. Rhett and Henry are also two of a kind. The author did a magnificent job of describing the characters and the surroundings as well as the clothing. I recommend this book to anyone. Pick it up and join the Georgian era of romance.

I give this book 4.5 STARS

Book Blurb for To Wed in Scandal

For Lady Sabrina, it’s a case of too many suitors…

Lady Sabrina Grayson is determined to avoid the kind of reckless love that ruined her mother’s happiness, instead setting her sights on a very sensible alternative: Lord Francis Fairford. But before she can attract his notice, a very different sort of man enters her life. He’s everything Sabrina thinks she doesn’t want, yet her traitorous body says otherwise.

Once upon a time, he was her childhood nemesis. Now Henry Herbert, Viscount Montgomery, has grown into a darkly handsome and ruthlessly seductive man?a man who desires the woman he once called a pest. Soon their tempestuous kisses are the talk of London. When competition from other suitors results in a vindictive kidnapping, Henry races to rescue his beloved and convince her that the only fitting end for her scandalous Season is to surrender her body—and her heart—to him…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.50