The Scoundrel's Pleasure

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The Scoundrel's Pleasure

The MacNeil Legacy - Book Two

One night will change several lives forever. One careless night of a romp in the hay. A child is born from this night, only the father doesn't know it. Duncan MacNeil is gone to sea on his way to America to make many riches. Lovely Isobel Dunbar is left with a child that is born while Duncan is gone. She fears that Duncan's wealthy family will take her son, Ian, from her. She comes up with the story that Ian's father had married her and then died at sea. She prays that the truth never comes out. She has made her home in a run down brothel and when Duncan returns from sea, he plans on buying the brothel and converting it to a cannery. But he runs into problems when the owner won't sell. He doesn't understand why. That is, until he discovers the owner is the beautiful woman who he once made love to. Duncan doesn't know real responsibility. He's always had money and he's never had to really grow up and take on a man's responsibilities. But now, what will happen now.? Will he discover why Isobel is so standoffish to him? Will Duncan discover that Ian is his son? Will the tucked away romance come to the surface? So many questions. The author grabs your heart strings as soon as you begin reading. She gives you that one night that soon will lead into possibly others. At least the author leaves the reader hoping so. The author gives you, the reader, two characters that are both strong willed and rather stubborn. Everybody loves that love story that appears it can't be. Everybody wants it to come out with love winning over the stubbornness and the strong willed to keep secrets. The author keeps those pages turning as you are wanting Duncan to grow up and be a real man. You want Isobel to figure out a way for Ian to have his father. Your heart beats strong and you keep hoping and praying that Duncan and Isobel will finally let the secrets out and give Ian the parents he deserves. What a book! You have your romances, but this author went above and beyond. One time you love Duncan and the next minute you cant' stand him. He's definitely a scoundrel but there's things about that scoundrel you can't help but love. A scoundrel makes you heart flip flop sometimes. Isobel, sometimes you feel sorry for her and other times you want her to just outright tell Duncan that Ian is his. The author keeps you guessing until the end and the end may surprise you. Will you, Duncan, Isobel and Ian get what you all want and need? Don't let this book pass you by. Isobel, Duncan and Ian are waiting for you to follow them in this unforgettable story.

Book Blurb for The Scoundrel's Pleasure

Jane Bonander, the bestselling author of The Dragon Tamer, writes a lush, sexy romance set in the Highlands of Scotland.

Only a short time after a single tryst changes their lives, Duncan MacNeil voyages over the sea to make his fortune in America. Isobel Dunbar stays in Scotland, giving birth to a spirited boy she names Ian. To protect her reputation, and to prevent Duncan’s wealthy, land-owning family from taking Ian away from her, Isobel concocts a story that the village comes to believe?that Ian’s father died, leaving her a poor widow. The truth, she hopes, will never be discovered, and her son will never meet his father.

When Duncan returns, weary of being out the New World and ready to take on greater responsibilities in his family’s holdings, his first order of business is to buy up the run-down brothel by the water, where Isobel has been living. He can’t understand why she refuses to sell, and he certainly cannot understand why she harbors such a resentment towards him. Then he realizes who this beautiful woman once was. Can an irresponsible boy grow into a man who makes amends? Can Isobel ever trust him to make amends, knowing that the truth puts everything she holds dear at risk.

This passionate, powerful story is Jane Bonander at her best?sweeping Scottish historical romance with characters who linger long past the final page.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 5.00