The Prairie Doctor's Bride

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The Prairie Doctor's Bride

In "The Prairie Doctor's Bride" you get two very different people. One is a gun toting woman and one is a doctor. The author gives you a love story back in the prairie days. Marriageable women were scarce. Both Sylvia and Nelson needed a companion and finding that special person in the 1800 was quite hard. The author shows how even finding work was difficult. If you love westerns and reading about finding that right person to love, "The Prairie Doctor's Bride" is for you. Loved It!

Book Blurb for The Prairie Doctor's Bride

Wedding bells in Oak Grove…

Raising her son alone, penniless Sylvia Marks has had enough of being the subject of town gossip. But when her son is seriously injured she’ll do anything to save him…even kidnap handsome Dr. Nelson Graham!

Nelson knows what he wants in a wife; she’s to be amiable, biddable and skilled in domestic chores. Gun-toting Sylvia Marks isn’t what he had in mind, but as the two are forced together he realizes she’s exactly what he needs!

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 5.00