Texas-Sized Trouble

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Texas-Sized Trouble

A Wrangler’s Creek Novel

What more could you want than a sexy hunk of a cowboy and a woman that isn't afraid to be as strong as he is? Take those two and add in a bit of romance and you've got a darn good read. You not only get that but you get so much more, friends, family, once lovers, babies and more within the pages of “Texas-Sized Trouble”. This book will have you smile and love the characters. You will close the book and know you have new friends. The story is about making choices and overcoming mistakes of the past. Author Delores Fossen shows how it only takes one choice, one night and the guilt could override your emotions. You wonder, was it passion or lust that sent them on that guilt trip? Sometimes during the story your heart will want to break, at others you will find yourself smiling and just knowing things will work out.

Between the pages of “Texas-Sized Trouble” we get characters that when they were young they were stupid and let their mouths get away from them without thinking. Haven't we all done that? It makes you think how you can't go back and re-do. You can’t take back the things you say and do.

The author gives you romance and a wonderful second chance romance. Plus you get a bit of suspense and mystery and of course, that hunk of a cowboy. How could you resist reading about this story of second chances?

Book Blurb for Texas-Sized Trouble

A local girl comes home to face the cowboy from her past—and finally claim her future…

Lawson Granger loved Eve Cooper once, but her dreams were grander than anything his Texas-cowboy destiny could provide. Letting her walk out of his life and into television stardom was a mistake he made eighteen years ago. Now everything’s changed. Eve is back—pregnant and desperate for someplace to hide. And their desire is just as stubborn as they are.

Escaping to the comforts of home is Eve’s one shot at giving her baby a safe life. Earning Lawson’s trust is her one chance at making amends for the past. But the long-buried secrets and unintentional damage she fled from aren’t far behind. When the truth finds her, she stands to lose the man she loves and the only place she’s ever called home…this time forever.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.00