Love on Mimosa Lane

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Love on Mimosa Lane

A Seasons of the Heart Novel, #3

I have read a couple of the author's writings. I really enjoyed them. I wish I'd had started this series at the beginning with Book One. This book is Book 3 in the Seasons of the Heart series.

The author writes mainly about the different characters in the book. Their struggles, worries, and the everyday conflicts that their lives bring. There is a touch of romance brewing in the shadows. The book is rather an unconventional romance. I think the author did a wonderful job of touching on the characters and their problems. She made them out to be "real". Sure, some had their flaws, but aren't we all messed up about something in our lives. I feel that is what I need as a reader. I need to be able to relate to the characters and Ms. DeStefano did just that.

It seemed to me that some of the characters seemed older than they really were. But the hard and rough times some people go through will make them seem older.

As I read the book I found there were characters I didn't like and those that I did.

Kristen seems to be afraid all the time and acts like she's ready to run. She doesn't appear to be a strong person. She has a fear of commitment and getting close to anyone. It makes me wonder what has happened to her to make her this way.

Law Beaumont and Kristen Hemming’s have both been hurt badly, being trampled down by life. I liked Law, even though he had a lot of flaws. He was an ex con, an alcoholic, and in the middle of a terrible divorce. He had one wonderful redeeming quality. He was entirely devoted to his eight year old daughter, Chloe. He had a general desire to help others. His interaction with children was endearing and heart-warming.

Will they take the risk to put the hurt aside and start anew?

This little town will give you much to be curious about. Grab a copy and find out about LOVE ON MIMOSA LANE. You won't want to put it down. The book is a fast read and when you finish, you will want more.

This is something I don't approve of. Using your children against each other. Libby, Law's ex-wife was doing her best to turn Chloe and the town against Law. While doing this, she is trying to hide her own addiction to alcohol.

Ms. DeStefano covers some very important issues in this book, foster care, alcoholism, children that are struggling, divorce, and much more.

Book Blurb for Love on Mimosa Lane

Law Beaumont and Kristen Hemmings have watched each other from a distance for years. But Law, a bartender with a bad-boy past, and Kristen, an assistant principal devoted to helping her community, couldn’t seem more different. When they unite to mentor a young foster child and to help Law’s troubled daughter through the aftermath of her parents’ ugly divorce, their attraction deepens. They face the undeniable connection between them, and a whirlwind of challenges they can only conquer together.

A stirring love story and a candid look at the complexities of divorce, substance abuse, and our country’s foster care system, Love on Mimosa Lane is a love song to an entire community, and a novel about the power of family—the family you’ve been given, the one you’ve chosen, and the one that can lift you up, even when the world is tearing you down.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00