Branded as Trouble

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Branded as Trouble

Wrangler's Creek

Bad Boy Roman Granger left Wrangler Creek. Why? His past had many flaws and one was getting his high school sweetheart pregnant. Well, she up and split after the baby was born, leaving baby Tate with Roman. Roman stepped up and decided to leave too, but he left a changed man. He had high hopes for a new start, a fresh beginning. Now years have passed and Tate is a teenager and seems to be taking after his daddy. So Roman decides that maybe Wrangler's Creek would be the place to get Tate back on track. When Roman got back to Wrangler's Creek Mila shows up. She’s an old flame, on her part. She is a good girl and she's always had a thing for Roman. Roman is still attracted to her, but he is worried heartache will be on the horizon.

The author gives you a situation that you could possibly relate to. The bad boy gets a girl pregnant. Usually the situation is the other way around though. Usually the boy takes off. But the author did a turn around on this one. The girl hikes. The author writes this with so much reality. She includes things that could and do happen every day. People do end up single mom or dads. There are teenagers who head in the wrong direction. You do whatever you can to keep them on the straight and narrow. This situation leads the once bad boy back to his home town and back to another girl. Could this girl be the one? Could the once bad boy need this good girl to keep him on the straight and narrow? Or will heartache be in the future?

“Branded as Trouble” is a very well written story that many can relate to. The well-developed characters will pull you in. I liked the bad boy, but who doesn't have at least one bad boy in their lives at one time or another? I enjoyed that the bad boy tried to take the straight path and manned up, taking on his son after the mother left. The author gave some very good morals in this story without the reader ever thinking about it. “Branded as Trouble” is a good story with some good lessons, characters. The characters are real to the reader. Plus you get that bad boy that every girl can at one point in her life, fall in love with. As they say and I think the author put across, there's a good woman behind every man.

Book Blurb for Branded as Trouble

Every town needs a bad boy, and Wrangler's Creek's has been gone far too long… 

Getting his high school girlfriend pregnant was just one square in Roman Granger's checkered past, but it changed him forever. When his son's mother skipped town after the birth, Roman decided to do the same, baby Tate in tow, hoping for a fresh start. 

Now Roman fears his teenage son is following in his wayward footsteps, so he returns home to Wrangler's Creek, aiming to set him straight. It's there he encounters Tate's cousin Mila Banchini, the good-girl opposite of Roman who's had a crush on him since childhood. The old spark between them undeniably never died, though Roman worries it'll only lead to heartache. But if falling for Mila is such a bad idea, why does everything about holding her feel so right?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 5.00