Love on the Prowl

Love on the Prowl by Melody Lane is a fantasy set in the future where shapeshifters are being recognized as citizens, an act that isn’t accepted by some.

Arial Summers is a doctor, specializing in the physiology of shifters. When she is hired by the new mayor of New York, Emilio Hernandez, she is ecstatic.

And when Arial first spies Nicholas Savage, the were-leopard Hernandez has hired as his head of security, she is mesmerized.

The chemistry is mutual, so much so that Arial has a difficult time when Nicholas shows up for his physical. But she is determined to remain un-tethered, if and when she allows Nicholas into her life, or bed, it will be on her terms.

Nicholas, being a very much alpha male, doesn’t like someone else calling the shots.

Their emotional tug of war makes for an entertaining read, and the love scenes are scorching hot.

Throw in some clowns, and I mean real, dressed to the Tee clowns, who will have nothing to do with were-rights, and who don’t mind crossing any lines to achieve their own end and you’ve got one great story.

I especially liked the part with the cats and rats. You’ll have to read, Love on The Prowl yourself to see what I’m talking about. 

Book Blurb for Love on the Prowl

When Dr. Ariel Summers starts her dream job in the newly elected Mayor of New York City’s administration, she has no plans to fall for anyone. But the lust-filled banter and intense physical attraction she has with the Mayor’s security expert, wereleopard Nicholas Savage, does not make things easy.

Not all citizens are embracing the Mayor’s agenda for paranormals being out in society and threats are being made. Clues to the identity of their enemies start unraveling once Ariel and Nick stumble upon angry clowns calling themselves the Carnival of Sins. By the time they realize the Mayor is not the only one in need of protection, could it be too late for love? 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.50